HIPAA Secure Reporting

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project, was to work with Health Networks such as IHC and Sharp Health as design partner’s, and to design an interface that would allow them to see real time data as to the compliance status of all hospital, clinics, and providers for which they were responsible.

Each unit would work toward completion of our interactive tools which would monitor their compliance status. SecurityMetrics has an array of tools such as scans, tests, and interactive checklists which serve to inform the units of compliance requirements, track their status, and report that real time data back to the Health Network with which they belonged.  

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  • Refreshed Client Experience Design

  • New Dashboard for our Partners to monitor their network’s status

  • New Policies and Procedures page w/ customizable templates that would allow an admin to upload documentation of their policies and procedures.

  • Risk Management Plan or Tool to help inventory each clinic’s hardware, software, and help assess any vulnerable areas.

  • New Member Summary tool to help Administrators have the information they needed with a quick search.


I was first asked to start work designing the Dashboard that would serve to inform executives at Health Networks of their associates clinics compliance status in real time. With constant interactions, we made prototypes with some preliminary assumptions. 

With the help of our design partners (the admins for the health networks we worked with) we were able to narrow down what information they needed to see most, and which ways it would be most useful to view it. We also flagged many areas that although we could not include in version 1.0, we would use for future stories once the site was developed. 

As the dashboard developed we also worked, in tandem, on the clinic or what we called the “client view”, or the set of tools that the units would use to achieve compliant status, which would then report back to the health network administrators. This included


The initial wireframe included a proposal to move away from the draw on the left side of the page, that had developed into a “catch-all” for all products. But this is outlined in another project on my site. 

We started with the product navigation on the left, and content to the right. This would serve as a template for other product redesigns as we refreshed the structure of our site.

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Categorical Users

We identified the two main user groups that we would be designing the experience for, and they are outlined as follows:


  • Want to see as much data as possible

  • Required ability to export to different file types often

  • Will often visit their portal, and review dashboard

  • Willing to have a learning curve, as long as the interface is useful.


  • Required to use our services by their Health Network

  • Would required the smallest impact process as possible

  • Would come back only every few months.

  • The experience should not be “sticky”. Their experience would be best, if they didn’t have to keep coming back as much as possible.

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The Underlying Problem

The companies original attempt for a HIPAA compliance product was confusing and received much negative feedback. We also didn’t have anything that would enable Health Networks to be able to monitor their underlying associates, which in turn made it a harder sell to the bigger health network partners.

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The End